We accept all dental plans/insurance that allow you the freedom to choose your own dentist, although we do not directly contract with plans that would require our discounting our dentistry to appear on advertising lists.

Almost all dental plans allow the patient the convenience to choose to have their plan send payment directly to the dental office so the patient only has to pay for the co-payment at the time of dental treatment. This is called assignment of benefits. Most all plans acknowledge a patient’s request to assign benefits to their dental office regardless of the dentist’s contractual agreement with the dental plan, with the exception of most Delta Dental plans.

If your plan does not allow you to choose your own dentist, does not have maximum contract allowances that are comparable to average area dental fees for procedures, or does not recognize your right to assign benefits to your dental office regardless of your dentist’s contract, you may want to speak with your employer about other options they may be able to provide when it comes to dental benefits.

Most of plans/insurances allow patients to choose their own dentist and the different levels of dental care that best meets their needs. However, each dental plan/benefits can often differ significantly by insurance carrier or by employer. If you would like to know how your dental plan will work in our office, give us a call and we can help you to find out about the details for you.